Sunday, 6 October 2013

Learning for a purpose - make it authentic!

Mmm - let's take a risk!  Lets jump out of the teacher comfort zone.

In the process of gathering up lots of resources on persuasive writing including the True Story of the Wolf.... (thanks Pinterest) I stopped to think.  That is sometimes an important thing to do! Both think and STOP!

Part of the discussion on MLE sessions on Monday was that we as teachers tend to take over half of the inquiry process, dumping them in at the half way stage.  Well, with this approact to writing it would just be a series of 'Interesting' activities that had no connection to anything the kids were passionate about.  These activities would all be determined by the teacher.

My learners would have a need to be persuasive if they had something they wanted to have happen.  On my plan I have written in the initial writing sample and ID personal targets then it says.... Find out something they are passionate about that they want to make happen.

Of course I have one idea in mind.  Something they keep moaning about every time we cross the road to get to the hall.  We need a Zebra Crossing outside of school.  I wonder if that is what they will hook in to?

As a team we will then have to look at what we need to gather, who to contact, who to persuasde and how to persuade them?  If will really be an inquiry because I don't know - yet!