Saturday, 21 September 2013

Slow Writing - Keep it short!

Here is another round of Slow Writing.  We are beginning to recognise what each section is - adverb, adjectives, connectives etc.  It helps when the motivation is really exciting - like Morris Lessmore, the augmented reality book where things come to life.  We had written about the storm of last week but now was the chance of using our prior learning and apply it to this story.

Our next step in this is to create anchor charts - explaining what each part of speech is and give a range of examples.

Tor:  (scribed by teacher)
I was siting down reading my book when all of a sudden the wind, which had started as a light breeze,  started blowing violently.  I pretended that nothing  was happening  but as quick as a boulder falling,  pages were blowing past me.  I wondered if I was heavy enough then suddenly I was hovering and then-blown away.  It felt like a dream and I was clinging onto a street post in the middle of a tornado.  Bicycles flew past.  Would I ever survive to see if I could rescue my books?

Morris was sitting on his veranda all of a sudden it started blowing.
Loudly the wind horribly threw Morris accross the veranda as he anxiously gets scared.
Howling, the wind sucked up Morris' books high into the sky.
Before long even the house was gone.
MORRIS was sad.
Will he survive this drama?

Morris Lessmore sat amongst piles of books like crooked towers getting lost in a story when the sky suddnenly turned black.  An angry howling wind whipped up the colourful books like they were a flock of flapping birds.

Dangerously caught by the wind, Morris’ hat danced merrily on his head.  While he was clutching his chair, the wind skidded him accross the deck making his eyes widen in fear.  Sucked right up!
Swirling around amongst books and houses, Morris wondered when or if the winds would ever let him go.

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