Saturday, 2 November 2013

In summary....

So what happened?
  • Learners are writing from home for fun - including my previous 'non-writers'
  • Writing levels are improving  

                  T1     T3
Below         15      6
At               6      12
Above        4        5
  • Learners are writing constructive rather than just social comments for one-another
  • Learners are aware of the succcess criteria and are using them to comment
  • Learners are improving their work using constructive comments
  • Learners ask for the opportunity to blog or comment
  • Relationships have been developed between schools due to blog commenting
What next steps?
  • Continue with individual student blogs
  • Always establish a blog buddy class outside the school
  • Reinforce the use of constructive comments rather than social
  • Spread individual student blogging throught out the school
  • Students use AKO approach and help other classes by giving constructive comments

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