Saturday, 15 November 2014

Independence in Term 4

Student Independence:
We are taking the next steps in our journey to independence.  While we are sure of what is expected of an independent learner in the classroom, we needed to identify expected behaviour in different places such as the library, outside and the cloak bay.  These agreed expectations can be seen on our ‘mini’ poster.

(Image still to add.)

Student Accountability:
During work times students are gainfully employed and on-task, but the checklist if often left unmarked and some must-do activities are not being completed.  We had a need to develop accountability for completing tasks and then to focus on the quality of work completed.  We did this together on Friday afternoon after clearly seeing from the check list that things were not being completed.

Agreed new expectations: 
  1. Tick check list daily not weekly.
  2. Teacher can make random checks on completed tasks.
  3. The checklist will be set out in clear must-do and can-do sections.
  4. Must-do activities need to be focussed on first.
  5. Realistic allowances for additional activities such as Pet Day will be made.
What’s our next focus?
  • Make some more videos for strategies etc and ICT tools to scaffold learning.
  • Make a list of ICT base resources that would help our learning - use for new Google site.
  • Ask students what they want to have access to from home - weekly plan, links to resources, calendar, maths and literacy ICT links... 
  • Collaboratively agree on expected weekly tasks.

Teacher next focus:
1. Create comprehensive display on strategy steps within maths areas, both online and in class - see  Hobsonville Point Primary School.
2. Experiment with a range of student panning formats.
          Daily - move face to activity
          Daily - write on plan
          Weekly - make daily decisions at the start of each day

These are the planning formats being used by Amy McCauley at HPPS LC2.

3. Begin to plan out ideas for the Google Site, gathering resources and link ideas. Resources to help.
     Example of HPPS LC2 Site.

4. QR codes to access areas of the Google Site.

5. Comic life student comments on learning and learning journey.

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