Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Bee Bots

Key concepts:
1. You must give instructions to make anything happen.
2. You come across problems that must be solved.

Grid - 100's boards, series of whiteboards, carpet squares, Make own grid - 15cm squares, maths square books etc.
Plastic sheet with 15 cm grid - velcro on corners to keep secure.

Generic buttons - go button, red stop button, were else  do we see these symbols? L & R arrows, L, R wings to support early learners.

Tell the story - place on the grid a toy (Kiwi) and a place to get (spiderman). How could Spiderman go and rescue Kiwi?
1. Need precise language for instructions? Receptive and expressive language.
2. Determine and agree language and directions. R, L or arrows, establish agreed protocols. Implicit clues.
3. Begin to include the symbols to shorten the code. (Supports ESOL students)
4. What direction are you facing to begin the sequence? Does this make a difference?
5. Where do you put the starting arrow? Determine the collective rules.
6. Little kids - move and draw at the same time to develop the sequence.
7. Write the programme and get the testers to test and de-bug. Identify the error - de-bug.
8. Add complexity - avoid the barriers that are in the way - objects or images under the plastic mat.
9. Extension: What is the quickest way? The more efficient the code - better pay! Is there a quicker way to get there? Be precise and accurate.

Peer teaching

Big human version - masking tape on a tarp.... Kidbots
Barrier game - coder giving verbal or non-verbal communication to get the buddy to complete the code.
Kids struggle with left & right - move back to the physical and look at little parts of the sequence rather than the whole line of code.

Physically try, write sections of code, apply to the iPad programme.

Programme with your phone. Take a photo of something which becomes the map.

Cross curricular:
Maths: Counting to 10 - colours,
Identifying alphabet - sequence numbers, write name...
Begin to write a story ... pause at a place, describe the setting, solve a problem...
Spelling: Essential words
Alphabetical order
Latitude and mapping
Recycling - rubbish to which bin?

Ordering Beebots - tell the CHCH supplier we have been working with the Buzz Off team.

Tournament in September - look for the second tournament. Up to Year 3, teams of 3.

CODE Studio
Hour of Code

Ideas for Term 3:
1. Learning about mapping in the world / New Zealand, long and lat.
2. Image of different setting features - write a sentence describing each setting or write a noun and adjective.
3. Give a line of code for a sequence - debug and correct it.
4. Brainstorm words from an image, write a poem by moving to the key words.
5. NSEW directional math unit.
6. If the grid is blue, then turn right, If it is free, then move forward.
7. Confused - syntax error.... we need to unpack!

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