Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Action Research Reflection 8.5.13

I have continued in my journey by joining the New Zealand Literacy Group, constantly searching Twitter and blogs to gather ideas, further research papers and making connections by posting comments on other class blogs.  This is modelling what I would like others to do for my class and giving other students valuable feedback on their writing.

I am also pleased that I haven't bombarded the class with all the things I have been investigating over the holiday break but have started implementing them slowly.  Having said that - going through all the previous posts gave me over 15 action points.  If I am going to survive this next term, I might need to limit it to achieving only some of what is listed below.

Next steps:


  • Keep the teacher questions in mind when planning
  • Include a blog link to the success criteria of the current writing type 
  • Provide a 'page' on the blog with instructions on effective commenting
  • Compare samples of student comments over the year 
  • Tracking the type of comment to assess how many are constructive
  • Model more on the writing blog - steps, editing, process with teacher writing, photos of student drafting etc.
  • Break down the 'Writing Process' steps clearly on the blog
  • Provide more links to motivators and challenges for 'Writing Seeds' and free choice writing
  • Use the 'Writer Questions' as a constant prompt when writing
  • Recognise the difference between social and constructive commenting
  • Review writing comment success criteria and paste checklist in drafting books
  • List the next steps they could take in response to a constructive comment
Wider community
  • Run training sessions for students, parents and wider family on constructive comments
  • Teacher/students respond in kind with constructive comments and link to Blog URL 
  • Continue to promote work on this blog through teacher and class Twitter

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