Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Access to blog posting

It takes too long to get the whole class through drafting, editing and publishing a piece and so we are in Week 4 without any writing having been published on the writing blog which defeats the whole purpose of encouraging effective comments for further editing.

Three students have started to use the Blogger Tool during Daily 5 Work on Writing and this is proving popular.

Introducing a small number of students to having their own blog will give opportunity for posting writing as a home-learning activity rather than e-mailing and getting the teacher to post it. This will allow them to write on-line and access their incomplete work from anywhere and anytime.


  1. Hmmm, the problem is a familiar one. In my Year 2 and 3 class I currently opt for paper rather than blogging, as there is only so much editing the children can do successfully themselves and I place a high value on independence. There are always different choices available. I love blogging for the possibilities opened up for an audience. I love paper for the freedom to write and revisit writing independently. With blogging, the need for quality control by the teacher clogs up the process.

    1. Photo babble would also allow you to take a photo of the edited draft and orally record the final product. This would cut out and typing up and we both know how long that takes!

  2. You are my first comment on this blog - cheers.

    An option to get younger kids on the blog is to use an app like Photo Babble or even puppet pals. These are both great for reading fluency or writing conversations. The children can make notes or write and then orally share rather than getting bogged down in all the editing.


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