Saturday, 20 July 2013

Slow Writing

Amongst the blog focussed writing and editing, there still needs to be inspiring motivation and clear direct teaching.    Following a lead on using Angry Birds as a writing motivation, I have come across  something called Slow Writing.

Read about it on the blog above.  
Time is spent following this process, thinking carefully about every word used.

Sentence one must appeal to the senses.
Sentence two must use three adjectives.
Sentence three must start with an adverb.
Sentence four must contain a connective.
Sentence five must use exactly three words.
Sentence six must be a question.

This would require direct teaching about adjectives, adverbs, connectives and the use of the senses.  It would give regular use of these tools, short pieces of writing for easy editing and quick publication.  The motivating topic of focus could be writing within Angry Birds, eating sour worms, video clip responses and images.

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