Saturday, 5 July 2014

First steps in Independent Learning!

We used the last couple of weeks as an experiment to see who could cope with making Independent Learning choices, what further support would need to be set in place and which students were ready to continue having earned their Independent Learner's Licence. All evaluations and learning conversations centred around these success criteria and our next steps in achieving them.

The initial Independent Learning Plan had titles of Writing and Daily5 Reading in the traditional places, while Independent Learners had choice of activitiy during these times.  They also earned the right to select where they work and who they work with.

During the first week we had 10 Independent Learners, while in the second week we expect to have 13. All of the initial students managed to maintain their independence and licence but as the numbers get bigger, I would expect some students to lose their licence by making the wrong choices.

Observations of our first week with Independent Learners:
  • Students I was not 100% sure could manage stepped up to the challenge, showing outstanding independence.
  • Independent Learners encouraged and supported peers to make the right choices.
  • The class was a calm and productive learning space. 
  • Most of the remainder of the class aspire to earn their licence and can identify their focus success criteria.
  • A couple of students showed aspects of anger or frustration as they thought they would never earn their licence.

Scaffolding steps to set up for Term 3:
  • Continue with the class tracking sheet or trial the one from the neighbourng room. (Alice K)
  • Set up clear guidelines about numbers and expected behaviour in the library, cloakbay or outside.
  • Incorporate aspects of the Independent Learner Licence in the student Daily Planner.
  • Purchase more lanyards and make 5-10 more licences. 
  • Begin to incorporate more SOLO visual organisers.
  • Develop more 'How to' sheets for ICT based activities.

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