Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What is Effective Learning?

I was just looking through my files and came accross a range of notes I took for a Masters paper in the Uk and they seemed so relevant to what I am investigating - how to develop independent learners.

Effective Learning
Institute of Education, London University
This chart really made me think abut what I am doing as the teacher and what this is developing in my learners.  I need to transition further down the line from guiding through facilitationg and into consulting if students are to become independent and self directed.
When teachers:
Learners become:

I think this might need more:
1. Student understanding of targets and how to achieve them.
2. Student choice over learning activities and co-construction.
3. Me letting go more of the control!

While I am still wariting for my newly ordered copy of  Dweck's 'Mindset', this next part really rings true and echoes the same truth.  

Learning Orientation
Learning Orientation
·       effort = success
·       believe in ability to improve & learn
·       prefer challenge
·       personal satisfaction to success
·       problem solve & self-instructions
·       ability = success
·       judged as able
·       do better than others
·       competition
·       helpless & negative self evaluation in difficult task

For our class to be a positive learning place we need to be explicit about these things:

Hard work brings success. 
I can get better.
I will be adventurous. 
Success makes me feel good.
I can solve it!

This will become our 'Positive Mindset' for Term 3. We will unpack it and do lots of self talking to help embed it in our understanding.  It will be interesting to see how it supports the students with a more negative attitude to life.  It fits perfectly with the Māori whakatoki that is our foundation this term.

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  1. It's great to read your reflections Allana. You are really 'digging down' into what constitutes effective learning and how that impacts on you as a teacher and the next steps for your students. It will be exciting to reflect upon Term 3, as it comes to a close, and see how far the kids have come. Great job and much appreciated.


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