Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Jamie Fitzgerald - Using a Growth Mindset when facing a challenge

What we focus on becomes reality - Jamie Fitzgerald

This guy is off the telly!
That mad man that does those crazy crossings dressed in the olden-days clothes!  He is in the room!

How to use the Growth Mindset to prepare for and complete an enormous challenge.

Succes in not in predicting the future but in developing people who can survive when the future is not predictble.  Jamie Fitzgerald

What knowledge and mindset will help me make the right choices in the face of challenge?
What common themes are there in Growth Mindset and how I prepared for the challenges?

Stages: (getting ready for a super huge challenge)
1. What could be possible?
 - not can I do it but how would I feel when I finished?
 - be open to the possibilites
 - what do we want to achieve?
 - what goals do you have to achieve and how to break them into little steps
 - if you don't know what you stand for - you'll fall for anything!

2. How will I get there?
- prepare for the hardest potential possibility

3. How will we work together?
 - focus on the relationship not all the tasks we need to do and it goes more easily
 - share the stories of other people who had struggled to achieve success
Whappened, result, what can we learn... what would that look like for us tomorrow?

The kids who went on the Te Araroa walk challenge always used the end of session conversation to look at successes and how they could use it in the next day. The golden circle.

Sometimes when you think you are making the least progress - you are actually making the most.
Being stuck is not the problem. Staying stuck is.

It is all about the reflection we have after being stuck. How are we going to use what we learned from the experience?

4. How can we capture progress?
 - break it into tiny pieces and make each step at a time
 - celebrate small steps
 - keep reflecting back on what the purpose is
 - completion results in a big sense of satisfaction
 - reflect on the effort not just the success

Thoughs to finish with:
We all see things through different lenses.
Shaping conversations. Growing mindsets. Inspiring performance.
Embed purpose, progress and insights into culture.
What you focus on becomes reality.

When we are faced with a challenge - we have the choice to put out the sea anchor or to keep rowing.

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