Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Gafe-summit - Keynote: Stop, collaborate, listen - Suan Yeo


A new and open world for learning.

Top 3 rends in 12015:
Connected life - wearables, smart homes, connected cars, smart batteries

Mobile shapes Internet of ME - 3B smart phones in 2014, time on phones - TV/Laptop, 1 in 5 searches are location related

Speed of life is faster - Gopro lifestyle, TLDR - Twitter, snapshot,

Technology is taking over our lives...

Access vs. Ownership:
CD or Spotify - 90 million songs on one device
300 hrs of video uploaded from youtube every minute.
Books or kindle - subscribe to books every month
Car - 1milion UBER car rides every day
Using things to their capacity.  Giving access. Do we really need to own all these things or can we just access it from a single device.

Ruthlessley accessing things at the touch of a button.

Computational thinking is a problem solving attitude and method.

CS - (computer science) + X (subject)
What happens to the subject when you add


Deep Mind:
We have acquired this company - training computers using video games.
First round - have tools but the system has to figure out the purpose of them.
After one training session the machine is accurte and perfectly modelled. It even predicts the movoemnt of the 'Space Invaders' game. The computers left to play look for alternative approaches to solve the problem.


Angela Lee Duckworth - Ted Talk
The true deteminer of success is GRIT.

New Zealand needs to keep looking at empowering students:
 - shared learing spaces
 - co-teaching
 - giving learners ways to express themselves
 - understanding that thinking is not about the answers but the questions

The average 4 year old asks 400 questions a day. What have we done to kill their creativity and curiosity? Are we asking them the right questions - 'non-googlable'. They have to go and esearch, consult and collabrate. 

Finland no longer teachng by subjects but based around topics.

In the past LEGO was bought in a box and had many opportunities. Today LEGO comes in a pre-prescribed box with the instructions to make a specific thing.  Is this creativity?

Great teachers make a difference. 
The ones that challenged me were those that asked the hard questions and made learners think.

Gates Letter - computer will not replace teachers. People relate and build relationships and make connections.
Tell, explain, demonstrate or inpire or a combination of all these!

Emerging Technology
BYOD / Cloud computing - 1 year or less
Games and Gamification / Learning Analytics 2-3 years
Internt of Things / Wearable Technology - 4-5 year
In NZ we are beginning to oncorporate these already!

Well designed learning spaces impact learning outcomes:
We need to start with education not technology as the central point.
Mobile furniature to give student control.
Common areas.

The technology wave is not slowing down - it is getting better.
Wifi and battery is not getting better!

How do we bering equitable computing to the next billion users?  Chrome Bit - a stick that converts the TV into a computer.

Google X projects:
Use technology to reduce human error in driving?
 - self driving cars
High power Wifi ballons to provide connectivity to unconnected areas.
 - perfect for earthquake areas
Drones to provide access to unaccessible areas.
Life sciences - how can we help in medical research?
 - anti-shake spoon for Parkinsons
 - Project Iris - detect blood test from tears onto phone

There was no intention to make money but to solve a big problem.

Setting the foundation for reaching for the sky.

So what for my classroom:
Ask 'non-googlable' questions.
Pose big challenges and expect kids to come up with big ideas in collobration with others.
Give 20% Google or Genius Time where kids can investigate what interest them and they are passionate about.
How can we base all learning around the 20% approach with choice and embracing individual interests?
How can we as learners apply our skills and knowledge to make a difference in our community?

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