Sunday, 31 May 2015

Research Summary - What to focus on!

Obvious themes from the research to apply to our classroom:

Establish a class culture that values thinking and the 'struggle of learning'.
 - posters, chants and class ethos of 'hard work brings success'.
- unpack the process of 'The Learning Pit' with feelings and strategies at each step.
- add 'what did you struggle with' to our end of day reflection time.
- throw students into the pit  - give them challenges that will require struggle

Model the strategies of thinking and routines explicitly, using the language of learning daily.
 - focus on 'See, think, wonder', What makes you say that?, What are you puzzling over?'
- explicitly establish a series of thinking routines - Think, Pair, Share...
- unpack and use the language of thinking: resilient, evidence, hypothesis, making connections...

Set time aside to think.
 - teacher model and 'self talk' or verbalise thinking.
- self determined targets with self, peer and teacher feedback and next steps.
- iRefect time, find evidence of application, sharing reflections on blogs, tracking progress.

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