Saturday, 16 May 2015

Learning Pit: Visible thinking and student reflection

Now is the time to clarify all the ideas that are buzzing around my mind. What to focus on for my Action Research or Learning Pit for 2015?

My initial thoughts stem from the PD that I have been involved in so far this year:
1. Reading 'The Positive Mindset' by Carol Dweck
2. Listening to Carol Dweck in person in Christchurch during Term 1
3. Hearing Holly Clark at the GAFE Summit Christchurch discuss reflection in student portfolios
4. The Learning Pit - constantly being tweeted about

It was also clearly illustrated in an image that was shared with me this last week:

My focus research question is:

How can making thinking visible help students see the connections that allow them to effectively reflect on their learning both academically and in developing a postivie mindset?

The key words are visible thinking, effective student reflection and positive mindset.

This is supported by the principles of modern learning that require student agency - to be empowered by a sense of ownership over their own self directed learning.

It also supports the Springston School beliefs that learning should be:

Challenging: We will …

  • provide opportunity for students to be in charge of their learning

Relevant, Clear and Purposeful: We will …
  • co-construct success criteria to unpack learning outcomes
Supported with Modelling, Exemplars and Assessments: We will …

  • provide learners with the tools they need to set goals and plan for their own learning
  • reinforce reflection as part of the learning process
  • provide time for self-reflection and assessment
  • teach tools that lead to deeper reflection and self-assessment
  • give meaningful feedback/forward - allowing time to act upon advice

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  1. A meaty question Allana! I am looking forward to seeing the outcomes of your research for students and the impacts that it makes, not only for you as a teacher, but also on our collaborative teaching team.


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