Wednesday, 21 October 2015

The Future's not what it used to be!

CORE Education - Derek Wenmoth

The world is changing.
What are we doing to prepare our learners for the 21st century?
How do our schools need to change?

Our world is not stable. Our actions matter to the environment.
As a society - we are consumers not producers. We need to also be people that contribute to society.

Robot counsellor
Garbage designer
Simplicity expert
Solar technology specialist
How much of our day is routine and repetitive? Will teachers be replaced by robots?

How so we prepare our learners for the future?
The basis of our education system is flawed..... top three skills required in 1970 were reading, writing, arithmetic! The top three skills the Fortune 500 companies in 1999 are looking for:
innovation, problem solving, interpersonal skills.

True collaboration is more alligned with conflict than patting each other on the back. How do we solve the big problems? It is not an easy task.

Google's to recruitment criteria are:
1. Humility - leads to the ability to collaborate.
2. Problem solving
3. Collaboration
4. Teamwork

How is school preparing us for this?
We need to develop partnerships within school, parents and the wider education providers.
Our environment is essential. Is it safe?
How is technology used to accellerate learning.
Put aside the things that are not working.
Deep Learning - A Global Learnng Project.

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