Thursday, 5 November 2015

What is Knowledge!

Our actions in the classroom make assumptions about learning, what we believe knowledge and reality are. 

Elements of a research Conceptual Framework 
Ontology – our world-view, understanding of reality.
Axiology – assumptions about learning that underline our teaching practice. 
Epistemology – how a community of practitioners know these things about reality and learning. How do we know about knowledge? 

How do we know something is true?
Knowledge is something that you can justify, you can prove by supporting facts and believe. 

How do you define knowledge?
Knowledge – noun: exists as a complete thing – codified, not changing.

Knowledge – verb: it is created by collaboration – emerging.

Check out how we defined knowledge as a collaborative team...

What does this mean in my classroom?
I believe that knowledge is all about things we do together in our classroom and environment. We co-create knowledge together as a learning community of students, teachers and family. With this knowledge, that is new to us, we can make a difference to our world. This is important because our individual actions have consequences and effects on the world.

We learn together.
We all have something to contribute in this journey.
We have responsibilities to help each other on this journey - AKO kids teaching others.
As a teacher, I have the job of facilitating and participating in this journey, not leading it.

It will be interesting to see what the kids think knowledge is!
  • Growing from small to bigger, getting better
  • You can remember lots of facts
  • You get it by trying again - practise, prototypes
  • Get it by reading and doing things - like having chickens, go-karts
  • People help me get knowledge - brother, dad
  • Hard work
  • Doing it in a team
  • Solving problems

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