Wednesday, 24 February 2016

The future for education

So the kids who started with wifi and project based learning are now hitting high schools..... What is going to happen when they hit university?

New innovations have always been around for 20 years till the costs of processing reduced and the innovations could move from the lab to the public.

Moore's Law - the progress gets exponentially greater. If you took 30 exponential steps, you'd get around the whole world. The future is arriving now.

IP address - Internet Protocol 4. 4 billion connections should be all the world needs. We are not on IP6 - 1 billion connections available. Not just your laptop - your fridge, coffee machine, car....

Artificial Intelligence...
In the year 2000 computers could think at the level of a lizard. With this new Quantum Computer - we expect that by 2020 a computer will out think a human.

The most scarce job today is people who understand the future. 

  • More contractors
  • Seasonal casual employees
  • Consultants
  • Paid interns
  • Unpaid interns
  • creativity
  • problem solving
  • emotional intelligence
A machine can beat the best players... 

DARPA fails - check this out!

Eye sets - 
3D experience of a refugee camp.

Richard Taylor or Hollo Lens
Your brain imagines - an illusion

The future is solar panels to harness energy from the sun. All other forms of energy are dropping like the opposite Moore's Law. 

As the whole world gets connected to the NET, our kids will have every opportunity to learn from anywhere but will have more competition from around the world for jobs. 

Self educating kids!

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