Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Modern Learning Environments...

Using the skills of different teachers...
Using spaces in different ways - adaptable. 
Our space should reflect what we believe about learning.

We need to teach the kids how to manage themselves and the space.
Give them choice and options.

It needs to be fit for purpose. Designed so that kids have access to the tools without interrupting people. It is not about the space but about your teaching approach.

Science: (AI)
As you make systems more complex - you make emergent behaviour.
If we can build machines that are complex enough - consciousness might emerge.

Learning environment:
Space is the reflection of a learning theory.
That theory imposes on future learners.
It might enable some things but disable others.
It also influences your feelings and the ways you think.

Curriculum Design:
Design the curriculum for the individual student.

  • Flipped
  • Workshops off site
  • Kids running workshops
  • Sessions in the school garden
  • Website with links to resources
  • Experts coming in
  • Project based learning
Learning spaces should be flexible, movable, collaborative and give choices to encourage innovative adventurers. 

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