Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Mobile Devices - so what!

Are mobile devices useful or even relevant in the classroom?

Things are affordable enough for kids to be involved in neuroscience.
 - how does the brain work?
- could neuroscience be a job option for me?
- how can I train my brain?
- what happens in my brain when I move my hand?

People are putting money into the development of devices that measure engagement and measure the effectiveness of the teacher. Is this just a step too far? How can teachers improve engagement? Will they just look for novelty ideas to up the engagement rather than looking for best teaching? Does it take into account what happened to them before school e.g. their do just died?

Tracking the body with a mobile device - for cancer or tracking diabetics for sugar levels and e-mailing parents might be a really great adaption.

Personal EEG products:
Takes the brainwaves and makes them visual. Ready for the general consumer $200 deal for the Mindlab Students. There are a series of games that require concentration.

E.G. Fitbit that gives objective data on the specific person. You can look back on the data to make comparisons. Can we improve our ability to meditate?

Possible companies:
Neuro-sky - only 1 sensor - brainwaves in the frontal lobe but not for brain to computer interface.
Muse - 5 sensors - 3 minutes a day of relaxation training.
Emotiv - 14 channels (Epoch +) and can be used for brain to computer interface.
Emotiv- Insight - $300

Why would you want this information?
Earl Nightingale - a person becomes what they think about all the time. Are you concentrating or meditating? Are you becoming the person you want to become?

Google Glass opportunities.....

Claire Amos - Classroom BCI (secondary - Hobsonville Point)
Module - Game Over - integrating science and maths.
60/40 ratio boys to girls with gaming interest. Focus on a novel study of Enders Game, science research and creative writing.

Develop an educational game, using Booktrack to create a soundscape.
Using the thought wired tool in the classroom to power the robot.

Our View:
Can we use these tools to make us healthier, happier and to learn better. We need to be in control of the tools so that we can achieve our goals rather than become slaves to the tools. Is it helping or just another tool and ..... how much does it cost! Could we achieve the same through meditation and yoga?

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