Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Mobile Technology

So what!
Wearable technology...
the data it channels is specific to me...
Network security, on all the time, bluetooth connections, distraction, privacy

Brain sensing in Education:
Insight into how the brain works during learning - attention, skin responses, stress, motivational states.

Class Introductory Quotes
These brief quotes introduce our three topics of activity for the session.
Mobile Learning: “Mobile learning describes any form of education or training that is delivered using some kind of mobile device...the special characteristics of mobile learning, including ubiquity, convenience, localization, and personalization, give it unique qualities that help it stand out from other forms of learning.”
Source: Parsons, D. (2007). Mobile Learning, in D. Taniar (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Mobile Computing and Commerce, IGI Global, 525-527.
Wearable Technology in Education: “The emergence of home computers brought us eLearning, and the proliferation of mobile and smartphones have brought us mobile learning. Both of these technological advances have fundamentally changed how we look at learning and performance programs. Another technological advance is coming - one that will once again change some of our definitions and how we address performance issues: wearable technology.”
Source: Kelly, D. (2015). Why Wearable Technology Will Change Learning Forever. Paper presented at Learning Technologies 2016, London , UK.
Brain Sensing in Education: “The combination of educational data mining and brain sensing techniques has the potential to facilitate the detection of critical cognitive and motivational states during use of an online learning environment”
Source: Keating, S., Walker, E., Motupali, A. & Solovey, E. (2016). Toward Real-time Brain Sensing for Learning Assessment: Building a Rich Dataset. Proceedings CHI ‘16.
Group Activity: Mobile Learning 
Prepare for this week's session 'Mobile Learning Activity' by downloading an app
  • If you have an iOS device, download the free Aris app and create an account
    • Note that there is more than one app called Aris - look for this icon
  • If you have an Android device, download the Sense-it app
  • Regardless of device, see what sensor-based apps you can download
    • e.g. Can your device measure temperature directly?
Details of what to do during the mobile learning activity can be found in the activity guide
The shared spreadsheet for recording sensor data can be found at
Group Activity: Wearable Devices Activity
In your groups, look at the various resources provided and write a blog (or G+) post that critiques wearable devices in education. You might want to choose to look at different articles, so that different viewpoints get represented and referenced in your own article?
Individual Activity: Thought Wired 
Later date in Rotorua)
Try out the Neurosky Brainwave Headset.
Dmitry's slides (from Thought Wired) are available on the portal: Brain-sensing technology: Rehabilitation, enablement and super-powers!
If you are interested in purchasing a device, you can take advantage of an exclusive Mind Lab discount on BrainLink Lite (headband version of Neurosky). Special price $194.95, save $55! Use code MINDLAB2016 at checkout

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