Saturday, 14 June 2014

First leap into independent timetables...

With the need to support the movie making and group science experiments, both of our Year 4-5 classes have dived deep into independent learning programmes during Week 7.  A list of must-do and can-do tasks were determined.  Timetable planning moved backwards from assigned experiment time and group booked move making time. All students have filled in two tasks to complete during an hour period and have a range of additional 'Can-Do' tasks to move onto as they complete tasks.

While I would have preferred to scaffold this in a more progressive way, the inquiry need has determined we take this action.  It will show exactly who can be self managing and highlight the needs for scaffolding tools.  Think of it as a 'pre-test' on independence.

The tasks are known and easily managed by individuals.
Timetable planning is modelled by the teacher and supported by confident peers - during the week prior to commencement.
Resources and tasks are easily available.
Experts are identified for student support.
An independent programme anchor chart is developed with learners prior to commencement.

Student are given choice in when they complete tasks, where and who they work with.
Tasks give freedom of activity allowing students to focus on personal interests and targets.

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