Sunday, 1 June 2014

Scaffolding Twitter

After our first experience with Twitter this year, I have had a clear indication that there needs to be some explicit teaching and scaffolding take place before we can use the tool effectivelly.

Possible ideas for using Twitter in the classroom:
1.  Summarise and or sell a book.
2.  Pass-it-on story with 140 characters per person or team.
3.  Share target for the day or week.
4.  Share success with a target.
5.  Summarise the key facts.
6.  Make connections with other classes.
7.  Develop a character or setting.
8.  Experiment with connectives to link to the next section of a story.
9.  Celebrate success.
10. Teacher / student ask a Quiz question - to be answered during the day.
11. Share learning for the day.

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