Sunday, 1 June 2014

Scaffolding Independence

My first tasks seem pretty simple in scaffolding independence but it will be interesting to see if they give students more independence and an understanding of the teacher being 'the closest' expert, rather than just the teacher.  It is easly to get trapped into being the only 'expert' but much more learning is done and children take the siklls into daily life if they are empowered to 'do it for themselves'.

These ideas have come directly from @heymilly and can be seen in her presentation on BYOD.

Developing Experts:
We have a class that values AKO, where we see ourselves as all being teachers.  This really takes the 'stress' of as you are not the only one who knows.  The class bubbles will just make this explicit to both our class and our buddy class also.  They will be placed in our central 'cloak-bay' so it can be developed as a shared space and the expertise can be seen as a shared resource.

Developing 'What to do if…' charts:  While we need to identify further areas as a class that we need to develop these in, I have begun by creating two.  These are the two that drive me most crazy as the students struggle to manage themselves on these.

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