Friday, 8 August 2014

Blending your teaching for the sake of learning

Presenter: Barend Blom

Organisation: Elim Christian College


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Blened learning resources: 

E Learning is.... (from TKI site)
  • facilitated and supported by the appropriate technology
  • could be supported by 'paper based' or fully online
  • deliberate and justifyable choice about the best tool
  • effective learning is central
  • accessible 24/7 and relavant to learners
  • motivating and engaging
  • improves learning outcomes
  • range of different devices
Basically - e-learning is teaching with technology in a pedagogically sound way but this is not blended learning!

- see the car move on the floor and the probe showing the graph on the screen
- typing tutor used to reinforce a skill
- reinforcement apps - Tables Bingo
- use iMovie to show learning

Blended learning:
Blended learning is a subset of this: (one strategy)
 - use resources that are on-line to remove the boundires of your classroom
 - Monday - tweet of learning objectives, Tuesday - tweet set of resources, Wednesday - tweet follow up activites and further resources.
In school it looks like:
Instant feedback giving students their next steps.
Groups working collaboratively on different projects.
Groups working on rich tasks.
Teachers tracking and working with groups / individuals.

Christenson Institute: Clayton Christenson
Book: Disrupting Class
The revoluction happenging in education.

Rotation Model for Blended Learning
Rotation station:
Teach a learning intention through a range of three activity stations, rewind u-tube video (better to make your own as they connect with that better), practical activity, vocabulary station, on-line quiz search. This enables you to focus on the practical and the vocabulary students. 

Lab session:
Rotate through the practical lab session.

Flipped classroom:
Use videos of lesssons so they can be pre/post viewed or reviewed.  This clones you so you can be in two places.

Individual rotation:  Oops missed!

Focus on the SMAR Model

Is blended because there is an online competition for learning - giving on-line audience.

So what?

  • Be sure I know the difference between e-learning and blended learning and promote the understaning within our school.
  • Begin to develop a bank of 'flipped classroom' videos for maths strategies etc but look at way to build a format that the whole school can access. 
  • Start small - add to the Kidscafenz again this term but look at making a central resource.

1.  What's happening?
2.  What's not happening?
3.  How can I influence what's not happening?

In a MLE teachers need to have 'with-it-ness' allow for social conversations but keep them moving back to the task at hand without shutting down the 'Brain break' social talk.

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  1. Great summary Allana. Let me know if I need to clarify anything. It helps me to be a better teacher ... :-)

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