Saturday, 9 August 2014

#edchatnz conference - so what!

So what - what is it going to mean in my classroom and teaching practice in the next few weeks and months? That is going to take a bit of thinking as there are so many ideas I can run with. The question I have to ask is.... Is this change going to help my learners to...

1. Ask the important questions - it it real and important?
2. Clearly articulate their learning not focus on the e-tool they are using?
3. Make links across subjects as they follow their own passions and interests?
4. Access the class programme, allowing them to plan their learning and access resource links from home and school.
5. Have a sense of belonging to our learning community and show reciprocity by developing resources and workshops for others.

So how will I begin doing this? What are my first steps?
1.  Begin finding a way to collate and access 'flipped' videos, while getting students to make more.
2.  Develop the 'Waka Endeavour Learning Hub' with the daily programme, detailed planning and access to resources.
3.  Get the kids to help develop a 'game' that promotes and tracks the development of themselves as Independent Learners.

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