Friday, 8 August 2014

Purpose ready learners

Edchatnz Keynote: Karen Melhuish Spencer from Core Education

The longer you work with the tools  - the less interested you are in them. The more interested you become in the learning you can do with them.

There are apps for everything but there is no moral compass app. Kids are finding it harder to recognise what is real and what has been manipulated.

Twitter pie:
Kinds of accounts -
Stephen Hawking 225,000,
Miley Cyrus 18.3 million,
Greenpeace 1.12 million,
Kim Kardashian 22.6 million,
Amnesty 1.12 million.

Lots of people follow the 'pop culture'.
Things that are popular may not lead us to the most rewarding life.
What is popular?  What is worthy?

Just because you see a photo on the 'Web' it might not be real.  The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus!

What is real?
What is important?
We need to ask these questions in regard to news, the internet, life and social media. It is in the social media that people are making decisions about life so they need to become critical and learn how to make informed choices.

When students are part of a community group, participating and belonging - they have a sense of well being.  School is the place we need to invest in because it is the only place where students learn to be critical and participate in society.

Two ways to take action:
1. Take a deep dive... into the curriculum. Map concepts in the curriculum so you can design a motivating curriculum.  Make learning purposeful - like enviroschools.

2. If we want kids to make a difference in society then we need to begin to build a community in the classroom.  Give people a space and help them find their purpose.

Planning idea: 
Design learning by starting with the kids we struggle to 'catch' and design it around them.  The rest of the class will be caught up too but it will meet their needs.

The future is here, it's not evenly distributed yet.   - Gibson

New technologies will not make the change - it is how we are learning them.
What makes the change?  How do we know ther has been change? If teachers and kids talk about the learning not the technology.
The answer to helping grow 'Purpose ready learners' is the teachers.

Take away something, one thing, innovative and begin to use it on Monday morning.

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