Thursday, 16 April 2015

Coding projects in the classroom - with @henderson942

It is not about the one app but about the chance for learners to learn at their level with a range of coding tools.

We will make an animation - signifying the importance of ANZAC DAY.

Using the Agile Approach to teaching:
ID problem'analysis of problem

As a viewer I should be able to interact with this animation.
As a viewer I will be able to view every scene.....

Task board:
These are the success criteria:
Animation with two sprites and two scenes.

Sandpit time:
 - time to explore. This is called a spike in ICT time.  (Timed activity)
List of things need to learn how to do in this time.
 - Pick 4 screens.
- Highlight the object you are writing for.
- 2 screens & 2 sprites = 4 lots of coding.
 - how to delete sprite, ezperiment with the screens.
- share ideas with a buddy - open source ideas.

Design Time Rules:
You do  ot interrupt people at their desk as that is the coding space.
Spike space - teacher and peeers can help you solve problems. This allows the teacher to see who needs help.
Stand-up space - in a circle standing a the front for a quick fire sharing session with no devices to fiddle with.

Us telling the computer what to do.
You need to tell the computer when to start - in the line of script.

Green flag, arrow move (how far), Say Hi, Wait 10 sec, Screen 2.
We need to teach kids how to read the coding instructions.
Drag and drop the objects down.

Stand Up:
Where are you up to?
What are you working on next?
Are there any obstacles?
Zoom around the circle with no devices.
Note the issues to deal with. Send kids off to have peer experts teach.

Teacher's Role:
Coding is about writing very exact instructions for the device.
Does it make sense - keep trying.
Quality assurance - fix the problems. Ask those tough questions.
Does the code meet the requirements and taskboard?
Teach them to test and adjust after changing the line.

Use another iPad to take a movie of the Scratch animation.

Next steps:
Try using Hopscotch:
Lots more time for the Spike for Hopscotch as it is scary to start.
Lots of scaffolding and examples.
Lots of games that you can adjust.

CS unpluged (Computer science unplugged)
Hour of Code

'So What' in the classroom:
Use the ...... process:
* clear challenge
* time to experiment
* experts taking 'spike' sessions
* quiet at desk time

Begin some coding challenges in class with very clear expectations and higher order thinking.

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