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Notes from conference:
It is the 

It is the theory that informs everything your do with ‘mediated’ learning rather than just using the enrichment tools.
If you use these without explaining the ‘why’ then the instruments are not of any value.

Mediated Learning: explaining the theory- Mandia Mentis
Bridging Learning: The concepts that underlie the instruments
Changing Children’s Minds - Harold Sheron – journalist – (Older but goodie)

The Enrichment Tools need to be used daily but referred to all through the day. It needs to be integrated into our metacognition time. Thinking about learning. Extract the principle and bridge to other areas then self regulate. Consolidate in as many areas as possible.

Not a pull out, in isolation or 1:1.
Newsletter going home – this is what we are learning. How you can use it in the home.
Whole school – session in the morning, integrated then referred to all the time.

Structural Cognitive modifiability –
Systems or a framework – at the base structure of the brain
Can and should change thinking.
It is t

Believe to achieve:

Our behaviour shapes our brain. Irrespective of their condition - they can change. 

Burton Blatt:

The stories we tell about our students - need to enhance their life rather than degrade it. 

Intelligence tests are determining the future intelligence of people. We believe there is opportunity for change. Allowing an external test to determine our future is not what we believe. 

Selective attention: We only focus on what you are cued to see. If you focus on the negative then that is what you see and what you teach to. 
Test it out in the following video:

Is seeing believing?
Even our senses can fool us. What we see and hear is not reality. Escher effect - hat you see depends on where you are looking.

You need the reference system - where are we looking for? Orientation in space.
If you can understand the physical concept of rientation - then you are more able to see from another person's point of view.

Learn from this:
What do I believe?
What am I focussing on?
Where am I on the contunium of passive acceptance or active modifiability.

Distal & Proximal Determinants:
Distal factors: 
endogenous - inside the child: autisum, downs syndroms, ....
Exogenous - outside the child: parent health?

The thing that changes this: Mediated Learning Experiences.
We need to know our learner - can adapt the experience. 

12 Criteria of MLE:

1. Intentional and reciprocal:
We must constantly adjust our teaching to meet what is happening with the kids. How will I adapt the activity, programme etc.

2. Meaning:
The purpose of that activity. It needs to come from the kids not just be directed by you. If the can't see the purpose - they will not engage.

3. Transcendence: (SOLO - extended abstract.)
You get to the heart of the principle, past concrete concepts to making generalisations that can be applied or 'bridged' to a different context. This is all about metacognition.  

Kid: But I know how to do paragraphs!
Teacher:But you are not using them in your writing.

Have the hook, give them the reason, apply to a different context = this is an act of mediation. 

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