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Student - Centred Leadership

The BEGINNING of A summary of Viviane Robinson's Book

Robinson, V.M.J. Student - centred leadership, Jossey-Bass Leadership library in education, 2011

The purpose of this book is to provide guidance for educators who want to make a difference to student achievement, confidence and success.

Pg. 3 A range of different countries, including the NZ Ministry of Education in 2008, recognised that the quality of leadership matters in achieving the goal of positive student outcome. 

What is .... Student Centred Leadership?
Do the leadership decisions and actions result in improved learning? Pg 4
How do we judge effectiveness:
1. Have students learned what society deems necessary? (Happy, well behaved, orderly, at expected level)
2. Quality of leadership relationships with other adults in the system. (Teachers like the principal)
3. Evidence of innovation.

None of these things is an effective measure of student success. Robinson is "seeking to disrupt the assumption that what is good for the adults is good for the students..." pg. 6

Who is a leader?
Robinson suggests that "One can also lead from a basis of expertise, ideas, and personality or character, and, in principle, these sources of influence are own to anyone.." pg 8

How to use Student-Centred Leadership:
If this leadership is about making the best impact then what is the best way to carry it out?
Key dimensions work together and "...have strong reciprocal effects." p.g. 10
1. Clear learning goals
2. Well resourced
3. Quality teaching
5. Orderly and safe environment...

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