Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Introduction to Research Ethics and ERGO

Cultural differences, how to gain permission from minors. Have you thought about 

Ethics dimension:
Does your research involve human participants?
 - interviews
- surveys
- observations of performance

There are 4 basic forms to fill out.
1. Application form: describe methods - how maintain confidentiality
2. Risk assessment - RAMS physical, emotional, financial - strategies to minimise
3. Participant information sheet - explains what you are doing, how they will be involved and rights. Contact information.
4. Consent form - focus groups, interviewed, questionnaire, observed...

Extra care for under 16 year olds....
Same 4 forms + lots more detail justifying their inclusion. Under 16, we also need consent for m for parents and principal of the school. 

Electronic proposal to your supervisor.
Reviewed by other staff.
Research governance office - ethics Review Office - 2-3 weeks.

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