Saturday, 20 April 2013

Action Research Question

My action research this year is to take the next step on from last year which was to use ICT tools to motivate children to write.  I found that children were enjoying writing and but not willing to take the next step of editing to publication.

Research Question:

This research question fits within the shared beliefs of learning that we have within our school:

Learning will be Motivating and Fun: We will …
  • provide purposeful meaningful activities that capture the imagination of the learner
Learning will be Challenging: We will …
  • have high expectations for learners
  • challenge learners ideas and/or misconceptions within a supportive and respectful environment
Learning is Based on trusting relationships: We will ...
  • build self awareness
  • create partnerships which involve child, home and school working together towards clearly stated social and academic goals
Learning is Relevant, Clear and Purposeful: We will …
  • use success criteria to co-construct learning outcomes
Supported with Modelling, Exemplars and Assessments: We will …
  • provide time for self-reflection and assessment
This one question also opens up an army of smaller points to consider for both the teacher and the student.

Teacher questions:
Is the motivation stimulating with a driving purpose for the students?
Are the students clear on the success criteria?
Do they know their personal writing target, editing steps and can they independently use them?
How can I increase the community of our readers and encourage quality constructive comments for my writers, especially amongst our wider whanau and learning community?  
Are the students given support and time to re-edit pieces before and after posting on the blog?
Are our writers giving themselves and others reflective and constructive criticism based on the success criteria?
Do the students enjoy writing?
Are the students producing a body of quality written work?
Do the students have a sense of responsibility to their on-line learning community?

Student Questions:
Who am I writing for and how do I know they are really reading my writing?

 Is this writing ready for publishing - have I edited to an acceptable level?
Can I use the writing process independently?
What success criteria can my readers see in my writing or next steps do they suggest?
How have I improved my writing based on my reader's advice?
Can I help other writers by giving them constructive comments!

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