Saturday, 20 April 2013

Term 1 Action: Establishing a Writing Blog

While I had played around with a writing blog 2-3 years ago, it never really got off the ground.

This year Writing Rocks is our place to present work in progress, elicit constructive comments and re-work our writing in response to those comments.

We have been using this blog as a place to set writing challenges, attach resources and from which to promote our writing community.  It is from this blog that pieces ready for final publication are later posted to the Team Endeavour Blog.  Pieces are then converted into movies, e-books and other exciting publishing options.

  • Model more - steps, editing, process with teacher writing, photos of student drafting etc.
  • Break down the 'Writing Process' steps clearly
  • Provide more links to motivators and challenges for 'Writing Seeds' and free choice writing
  • Continue to promote work on this blog through teacher and class Twitter

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