Saturday, 20 April 2013

Term 1 Action: Making connections

Another step I took was to sign up with #comments4kids in an attempt to increase the size of our audience.

Signing up for #comments 4kids
We were the 'Focus Blog' for Team Endeavour and Writing Rocks for two consecutive days.  The response was huge on both with the Endeavour Blog visitors increasing from an average of under 100 to a massive 371 and on Writing Rocks the audience increased from and average of 5 to totals of 70, 60 and 26 in the following days.  This also resulted in four new comment sources on Team Endeavour and 19 new comments on Writing Rocks.

Action: (after the holidays)

  • Analyse the source of our audience, the quality of the comments we received
  • Respond in kind with constructive comments and a link to Writing Rocks URL to encourage further interaction with what was mainly QSIS 10 Year Old Class  a class of international students in Sarajevo. 

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