Saturday, 20 April 2013

Term 1 Action: Constructive Commenting

Whilst still researching, I did get started on a number of steps within the class writing challenge.

Teaching constructive commenting - with clear success criteria
We can confidently explain the success criteria of a blog comment but constructive comments given by students tend to only happen when there is a whole class focus and not when they are independently writing comments.

Comments before training:
18.2.13   We relly love the movie and we think we are in the movie the little aliens are cool. 

Comments during a class focus session:
5.3.13      Nice work Liam I like your simillie. Maybe next time you could put an alliteration like silent sleepy shadows. And what does he sound like when he speaks? By Phelix and Alfonso. 

7.3.13       Hi Chloe and Maggie Your writing makes me wonder where he is and why is he there? It really paints a picture in my mind.

2.4.13     Maggie, I really like the way that you used similes to describe the clock and the character in your story. It looks spooky as the clock face shimmers like the soft sky. You have also used adjectives to describe things like...glowing roof tiles, golden light. This makes the story interesting for people to read. Next time you could add another simile. joshua.g (Scribed by teacher)

Independent comments: (comment from home)
4.4.13  Well done lucy I read it to my sister and brother they both loved your shadow story. Daniella 

  • Further analysis of comments in groups and whole class.  
  • Learning about social vs. constructive comments.  
  • Comments success criteria checklist poster from the class wall copied and pasted in individual draft books for reference.

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