Saturday, 7 November 2015

LDC: Reconceptualising Leadership

Wayne Freeth: University of Canterbury

It is not just about the Leadership Team but there is a 'sleeping giant' of teachers who can make change to improve student learning.

Teacher Leaders :

  • Show expertise in their teaching and share knowledge with others
  • Are constantly looking for ways to improve their teaching
  • Reflect on their teaching to improve learning
  • Engage in action research projects
  • Collaborate with colleagues, parents and communities about effectiveness of action
  • Socially conscious and politically involved
  • Mentors new teachers
  • Involved in university or teacher pre-service training
  • Are risk-takes who are involved in school decisions

To encourage teacher leaders, the principals need to:

His concept was that seeing 'knowledge' as a verb and employing 'distributed leadership' could form a starting point from where we could develop mere effective and equitable schools.

The NZNC challenges us to think deeply about core values and beliefs but the effort required to make change is underestimated.

Leadership structure works against shared leadership and autonomous actions.

Schools are getting on with the task but sometimes without a shared deep understanding or cohesive plan.

The over-loading of teachers reduces any participation in deeper thinking about the meaning of the curriculum and its nature within their school.

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