Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Gafe-Summit Workshop: Screen Casting - Chris Betcher


Reasons for Screen Casting:
Capture learning
PD for teachers
Flipped classroom

Preparation steps:
  • Clean up the desktop
  • Close all other programmes
  • Storyboard in your mind or on paper
  • Make resources
  • Find a quiet spot
  • Good quality microphone
  • Think about the lighting
  • Practise before recording

  • Speak clearly and at a good pace - test and adapt
  • Do the action as you speak it

Screencast tools:

Snag it
Download both the app and extension
- capture images and sound, allows annotation
- embed into your blog
- save in Google Drive

Screen Castify:
 - can choose capture the screen or have a popup screen of you speaking too
 - great for kids to explain their learning
 - great for giving instructions 

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