Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Gafe-Summit workshop: No More Worksheets - Holly Clark

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Everything we so should be focussed on:

We are going  to explore 2 - 5 apps that will help change your classroom.

1. Socrative:
* start a quiz
* assign people to groups
* visual representation of progress

 -  quick question - on the fly, no answers included
 -  short answer - looking at other answers and adjusting your thoughts, remove inappropriate responses

Reading the audience answers is another interaction with the information. It also gives you the information about who has not mastered the concept.

Hearing 100 people in under 5 minutes is where technology helpes teachers do their job more efficiently.
Send back out for the audience to vote on the top three ansers or ideas. 

 - modelling from the class
 - multiple interactions
 - scaffolding from peers
 - teams discuss then vote on the best statement
 - whole class to use the winning statement
This scaffolding and repeated practise increases understanding.

Top Tips:
Have quiz questions prepared.
Take the quiz on another tab to check for errors.
Use SOC numbers to import other prepared quizzes.
Test it on the kids with a couple of 'low value' asks before trying it on something very important.

2. Croak it
Have the add button on the blog.
Limit of 30 seconds.
Croak the summary or answer.

Croak predictions, ideas, instructions, definition = give an enticing title, subject lines of e-mails, choose a tab - organisational titles, find digital work, QR Code- Croak hand in place from Google Form - populated in a spreadsheet. All on the spreadsheet to listen to  - not chasing work.

 - improves oral language
 - understanding or labels and persuasive titles
 -  learn to summarize
 -  FAST
3. Padlet
 - share using to add to your blog or e-mail
 - use as a writing starter or word gatherer

-  think, pic, share: quote from the book, add the picture that is most appropriate, share.
 - peer scaffolding examples
 - viewing and multiple 
 - six word summary: with picture on Google Slide and take a screen shot - add to Padlet.

4. Kahoot
 - have two taps open and search the information
 - high energy starter to a learning topic
 - timed answers where you can see the % of each answer and overall winner
 - My Kahoots or public - re-use or change public one

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  1. Wow, Allana. What a cool post- lots of great ideas. I especially love the idea of Croak It. Thanks for all the sharing you've been doing.


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