Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Gafe-summit Workshop: Getting going with Google Drive - Kimberly Hall

Google Certified Teacher
Twitter - @kehall16

Google Presentation: Check this out!

How Google Apps have changes Point England School:

Don't try them all out in the first try. Focus on one or two and master them.
What will help with your classroom practise.?

Google Form:

This is a survey that has unlimited number of participants. The information is saved in the format of a spreadsheet.
This can be viewed as it is being adjusted. Great for Admin to have and use addresses to share newsletters etc. Share this with other teachers also.

Google is about collaborating and communicating = NEW, SHARE, EDIT.
Three levels of sharing - view, comment, edit.
Notify by e-mail.

When it is all deleted! 

See revision history

Alternative for managing the chaos with large numbers of participants -  insert a table into the document. Find your own row and add your own information. Give them a specific space to write in.

Sorting Folders:
Make the folder and change the colour.
Click on that folder - it will be highlighted red. Shift files into this folder. Make a file when sitting on the folder - it will be stores in that folder.

Upload - in original format
Upload - convert into Google Doc - ability to edit and collaborate. (Not deal with complex formatting)

Automatic conversion to Google Docs Format.

Next Steps: Lessons at different levels to help you get started.

Next Steps in my classroom:
Organise my documents into folders and colour co-ordinate them.
Use the Google Docs training session for myself and give the kids access.
Use Google Slides as an asessment opportunity, 'wonderings' or research page for the kids.

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