Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Gafe-Summit Workshop: Storytelling with YouTube Editor - Jim Sill


YouTube - 300 hours of movie uploaded every minute.

YouTube Capture:
App for uploading straight to YouTube.
Instant - start and stop, trimming from front and back then upload to YouTube. DONE.
Can upload a seried of 'straight cut' video.

E-mail video to YouTube:
Account settings. Cog in the YouTube settings. Given an e-mail address - sent straight to your account. You can change this e-mail address at the click of a button.  Must be less than 25 MEG.

Change your defaults. Make sure all the things on your account don't get shared with the people that follow you. Creator Studio. Channel, unlisted - only able to see if you have the link. Disable comments on uploaded videos.

Creator Studio:
This is where all the tools are.

Lots of 'Free to use' music. Download these and drop them into the Google Drive - for all the ids to share.

A movie needs a narrative.
Where is it set?
Who are the characters?
What is the story?

There are four shots in a movie:

Establishing shot.
 - where and when
 - iconic CHCH shot, Burside School

 - character and location

Medium shot.
 - waist to top of head
 - talking place

 Close up.
 - making out - move out of my face!
 - intimace with the subject
 - the knife that is going to stab you

You can see all the videos you ever made.  You can drag and drop a series of clips in a montage. Add some music. Make a title and change colours.  Add the transitions with the kissing triangles.

This is just like teaching kids to write a story. Teach them to use the same tolls in developing a narrative movie. 

Get an establishing shot from Creative Commons.
Click on clip and remove audio. Trim up to find a good wide clip.

Long shot - Kiwi kid standing in front of a tree and a rock. No need for the Green Screen as your mind does it. 

Medium shot.

Close up.

The Cut:
Insert a different shot between the character looking and changing their expression. A shot of mother and baby as opposed to girl in a bikini. The audience does all the work.
Scissors - split the clip. Add the different clip. Add back in the response.

Add the appropriate free music.
Fade between clips indicates a chnge between time or location.

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