Thursday, 9 April 2015

Post Gafe-summit - So what now?

The brain is spinning with so many things to investigate and try with my learners but I know I need to just try a couple to begin with and here they are:

1. Make one screencast as a learning resource to support technology use.
2. Increase participation by using Padlet - WOW words, questions, writing starter...
3. Begin student personal blogging using Blogger.
4. Make instructions on using Explain Everything, Photobabble and Pic-Collage.
4. Add the element of reflection to blogs using and Easy Blogger Junior.

I need to focus on these three things in everything I do...

Focus for 2015:
I have decided for my action research this year I would like to focus on how using reflection tools  alongside clear, co-constructed success criteria can increase independence and improve learning.


  1. This may be of some use as you make some tutorials.

    Also simplified ones here

    As pdfs



    1. Cheers Allanah, thanks for your links. It is great to know that people are reading my posts. It will keep me accountable for doing what I post on the blog. :)
      Thanks for your workshop. It was great to have something practical.


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