Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Gafe-summit: Workshop - using iPads and Blogger for maths - Kate Bodger

1:1 iPads and Chrome Books

Try mihi using Google Maps - add an image with each phrase and the phrase on the page.

Chrome Books,
Explain Everything,
Easy Blogger

Using lots of video - creativity and accountability.

Grouped maths time:
iPad is the modelling book.
Use Explain Everything - recorded dueing the session.

Walt on the page.
Images  - the lollipops and the kids to share between .
Write in the operation.
Have the faces of the people included in sharing. Jiggle the face as you talk about them. Add the lollypops or lines to show the equal share.
Not making these out of school time - part of the lesson. 

Group follow up tasks:
Page of the book. Teacher tools - video and PDF activities. Build the page so the kids have watched the video before the teaching session. Do the guided grouped maths time. Then work on the follow up task.

Removed the skill and drill activities from the iPads. Left on the CREATE apps like Explain Everything.

Need to make an on-line blog post to explain the strategy before you can move onto the next one.
Mark their book work but also have a verbal explanation to show their strategies.

Using Easy Blogger - attach in all the kids blogs.
Insert Explain Everything from the camera roll.
Always add the learning intention on the blog post.

Why video the lessons:
The learning and teaching is visible.
Math lessons are all on the blog.
Good reflection tool as a teacher.
Good oral language tool for the learners.
Give 24/7 access to the learning tools.
The kid's video then becomes a teaching tool for them to teach a lower group.

Times tables and pre-tests:
Try using http://www.flubaroo.com/ 
Kids do at home and come back to school to have them all marked.

Next Steps in my class:
Teach confidence in Photobabble.
Teach confidence in Explain Everything.
Model Explain Everything within groups sessions.
Give kids the opportunity to share their knowledge via Explain Everything prior to teaching as a prior learning assessment.
Pairs create a blog post to show understanding to account for only 5 iPads in class.
Have experts in Explain Everything - hands off support for struggling ICT'ers.

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