Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Gafe- Summit Workshop: Google to Engage writers - Kate Bodger (Bamford School)

Mihi - using Google Maps - look at demo slam later tonight.

Presentation resources
Level 3 writing resources

1:1 writing class in Year 5/6.  Got rid of all books last year - all digital.
1:1 with Chromebooks.

iPads for publishing via Blogger.
Using Hapara to help support management of the 'in box' or Google Classroom.

Māori and Pasifica and low decile schools have more children below the standard in writing. 

Using a sheet to scaffold writing via Hapara, Google Classroom.
Template for scaffolding. Can record the instructions also for SEN.
Modelling on the board is saved - co-construction... take a photo and upload to their doc to support. Record if needed. This is not re-creating but just photographing what you'd normally do.

Have I allowed for different levels?
Have I set the expectations clearly?

Reducing 'Wait-time':
Increasing participation - share vocabulary in groups using a Google Form.
Provides scaffolding for ideas and spelling for stuggling students. Groups of 3-4 in each document. Each child has a colour to track participateion. Link this to their document as a resource tool.
Share to group leaders who share it out to their group.

Writing time is silent:
Co-operation with buddy writing - use comment box to discuss. If they need help with their writing from the teacher - write a comment to let them know. The random comments on the side are not always relevent to the writing but they are authentic writing. 

On Google Docs - peer assessment.
Have an assessment rubric attached to the form as a scaffold for peer conferences. 
Writing checklist  - comments in under the success criteria where they have checked. Then there is a section for detailed comments.
Then share with another buddy before sharing with the teacher.
They can then share it with the Principal if tey have done really well.
Feedbak using blogging.
Video conference  - Google Chat.

Teach genre or tools and mark these. Give kids choice of what topic to write about within that format. Let them write about what inspires them. Use the search function on Google to search for the success criteria. 
Initially teach and have the resources accessible. That allows them to write in any genre and check off the success criteria to improve their work. 

Authentic Audience:
Personal Blogs - share their learning
Write comments on peers google doc or blog post
Google Plus - conversations, add comments
Pen pals in another country
Quadblogging NZ

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